Brick Capital Management, Inc.

Brick Capital Management, Inc. is a registered investment advisor and provides a fixed-fee, low-cost Investment Advisory Program for Credit Unions. In on-going consultation with management, this non-discretionary investment advisory service considers the entire balance sheet, interest rate risk, liquidity and income needs, investment regulations, and safekeeping issues.

Brick Capital Management

Brick Capital Management, Inc. (BCM) was formed in 1992.  BCM is a registered investment advisor that provides non-discretionary Investment Advisory Services to credit unions.

Investment Advisory Services

Brick Capital Management’s primary means of enhancing investment income for credit unions are our strategies and investment discipline.

Meet the Staff

Jeffrey R. Brick

CFA, President

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Kerry E. Brick

Vice President

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Bridget C. Balesky

Vice President

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Krista R. Heyer

VP of Operations

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